Territorial Governance

We wish to promote new social practices that innovate through cooperation mechanisms between local, public and private sectors. We also seek to encourage alternatives for the interpretation of local problems and needs, as well as to encourage the active participation of citizens in the social control of public events, and the effective development of social inclusion processes and democratic expansion.In order for innovation in this area to signify an effective transformation of the public sector, it is necessary to recognize the legitimacy, abilities and capacities accredited to the territories and citizens. These are manifested through activism and an organized community, respecting the dynamics of interaction and bonding. While on the other hand, it will be necessary to value and understand the alliances between the state and the market that operates in said sectors.

The following are questions that encourage social innovation in the Territorial Governance challenge:

  • How can cooperation between local, public and private players improve our communities?
  • How do we promote effective and transformative social participation at the local level?
  • How do we make the information and public transparency of the communal, provincial and regional institutions more available to the citizens?
  • How do we strengthen the processes of democratization in the territories through civic education?
  • How do we develop mechanisms of effective social control of public acts that involve citizens?
  • How do we contribute to improve services and attention to citizens?