Collaborative. We promote intersectoral reflection, of a collaborative and co-creative nature, based on the formation of relationships and trust between the various advocates of change in the territory. We are convinced that these are the ideal means of working to resolve the Maule’s challenges in a comprehensive, in-depth and sustainable manner.

– Respect for knowledge. We believe in the integration of academic knowledge and territorial popular knowledge as a meeting point for the reflection and solution of complex social problems. Faced with the diversity of thoughts and positions that coexist in the territory, in relation to social issues, respect and tolerance, dialogue and mediation are necessary.

– Sustainable Territorial Approach. We believe that innovative actions should be directed to, and co-designed by the territory. In this way, it is possible to guarantee the impact of the solutions and their permanent application at the local level. Likewise, it contributes to the processes of decentralization in decision-making, and the selection of initiatives that are sustainable and scalable over time.

– Interculturality and Diversity. We promote innovative solutions that foster respect for multiculturalism and pluralism as the foundation of the diversity of the people and their ideas. The spaces created in the search for solutions to the complex problems that affect the territories must be characterized as an instance of democratic coexistence and respect for the visions of minorities.